NFL Center,

Before Jonotthan Harrison was a professional football player in the NFL, he was one of the many kids each year who deal with being bullied. Today, Harrison works alongside STOMP Out Bullying™, a nonprofit anti-bullying organization, to put an end to bullying, once and for all.


Harrison’s Mission

STOMP Out Bullying is recognized as the most influential anti-bullying and cyberbullying organization in America and beyond. Since their inception, they have reached millions of kids, encouraging them to stand up against hate, racism, and discrimination.

As a Global Ambassador for STOMP Out Bullying, Harrison visits schools and speaks on his story and the importance of treating your peers with kindness and respect. Harrison also does one-on-one lunches with kids who have been personally victimized by bullies, offering encouragement, advice, and letting them know that they aren’t alone. One of his favorite parts about being a Global Ambassador is surprising kids who have been bullied with tickets to his games.

“You can tell those guys really follow his lead. He has a very good way about him as far as setting the huddle, getting to the line of scrimmage, getting those guys ready, getting their hands in the dirt, making the call, being decisive. All of those little things are very valuable at that spot.”

– Jets head coach Adam Gase on Harrison’s mental fortitude

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